1. Be punctual and regular in lectures,
practicals don't miss any, for some courses
attendance carry marks.

2. Take notes extensively both during
lectures and even practicals or even field trips.

3. Don't joke with assignments, tests, term
paper, reports, field trips. Take them very
serious. These small things make up your
continuous assessment even to your GPA

4. Read the notes of every lecture, the day
you had the lecture, no matter how small or big they are.

5. Make sure you cover everything you've
been taught previously in a particular
course before attending the next class.

6. Be smart, you don't have to read a whole
textbook to have first class in Nigerian
university just make sure you give full
attention to school work and watch every
lecturer know what they like and dislike,
obey ALL their instructions.

7.To be frank with you, up to 95% of what
would be set in exams is from your note so
know your note inside-out.

8.Get closer to God, Join a fellowship on
campus, you won't have time for girls,
partying and all these social vices.

If you carry out No. 4,5 and 7 very well you
would just be revising for exams.
#Attitude is everything - Build and ALWAYS
maintain a Positive Attitude - #I can
#Best Wishes

10 Signs To Know That You Have Found The Right Career

10 Signs You've Found the Right Career

Whatever you’ve picked as a career, I hope it makes you want to tap dance – at least a few times in your work life. When you look back and survey where you’ve been, look ahead to the distant shore, or consider the people who have rowed alongside you, take an occasional pause to click your heels.

Few of us know what career is in store for us when we take our first job. But here are some signs that you've increased the odds for a spontaneous outbreak of tap dancing:

1. You've found something you can be really good at. I recall taking up piano lessons at the same time as another young hopeful would-be musician. It wasn’t long, though, before she was in “John Thompson Book Three,” while I remained stuck in “Book Two.” Had I stayed with piano, I’d have been as miserable as those on the receiving end of my performances. My fellow student, however, went on to delight others with her gift as she became a professional musician. Thankfully, I merged into her audience – to the benefit of all. There’s no sense in fighting Mother Nature on the career front if you ever hope to tap dance.

2. You like the nuts and bolts of the job. Pick something where you don’t have to fake it to make it. When I watch natural extroverts gather energy from social situations, I recognize they have something I don’t. Whereas Bill Clinton comes alive and is energized by others, being on stage for too long drains my energy. I can finally host events without anxiety, even enjoying the occasional party – but I’m always happiest to retreat into a book or a private conversation with a friend. This means that as much as I love policy issues, governance and leadership, a career in elected politics would have undone me.

3. The job lifts you. For those doing what they were meant to do, the normal irritants of the job become a kind of “atmospheric dust” that creates the foundation for beautiful sunsets. Every career has its dust, but you might be in the wrong one if that’s all you see. If you find yourself grousing, fussing and fomenting, give yourself – and the rest of us – a break. In your torrent of objections and cautions, you’ll never build a great career – and you might just keep others from achieving their dreams. No career is perfect, but the right one for you will be filled with many uplifting sunsets.

4. You're in the thick of things. Life in the backseat or on the periphery of the action rarely makes for a great career. Naturally, there are lots of great support roles on the edge of every industry, but if you’re determined to leave a mark, it generally pays off to operate at the center. If you love accounting, work for an accounting firm. If you're fascinated by the law, get into the judicial system. If you’re an engineer, build cool new stuff. If you love finance, work for a bank or an investment house. Build the motor, buy the brake pads.

5. You're in an industry that fits your personality type. Engineers are not like real estate developers, who in turn don’t think like fashion mavens, who are wired differently from lawyers and accountants. We all have psychometric preferences – ones that tend to make us more or less like those in various industries. While this alone shouldn’t determine what you choose (as there are many roles on every winning team), make sure you understand your dominant traits and those of industry leaders. Then get on a field with those playing the same sport as you.

6. You like the other people in your field. My best-ever career (and investment) decisions have come from genuinely liking and admiring people I’m working with. Grappling with the discomfort of interpersonal contretemps is never productive. It saps everyone and it ensures suboptimal performance. Also, it can take down a career faster than anything else. If you can handle snakes, you’ll be OK getting into the viper pit; but if not, pick another industry.

7. You've found an inspiring mentor. Having someone to look up to is a key to finding a meaningful career. Your mentor doesn’t need to be your file leader – or even in your industry. But if you would have a great career, find a mentor… then become one yourself.

8. You look forward to Mondays. Don’t let your week become what Thoreau called a life of “quiet desperation,” awaiting the weekends for rejuvenation. But this also doesn’t mean you should be a workaholic. There is an emotional chasm between being a workaholic and loving work. Workaholics are driven by fear; joyful workers are motivated by passion. They both work hard, but it’s not the same. So find passion. Eschew fear. I can still hear Trammell Crow say, “Work is more fun than fun” – and mean it. And Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is the essence of having found a great career – one that grows out of passion, that merges work, life, family and friends into a whole with few bright-line boundaries. This sort of “career” is a Friday-less and Monday-less one.

9. You learn, grow, become, test, try. As Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote, “Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them.” Great careers test us, try us, stretch us. We find out if we can hit the high notes and we learn to recover from the low ones. But those who have figured out how to have a great career – and not just a great job – don’t die with their music in them.

10. You're proud of what you do. Once when climbing a mountain with a successful entertainment industry executive, I apologized for what I was doing in my life at that point – particularly as I compared it with his fame and fortune. He carefully chose a moment to pull me out of the earshot of others to say: “Don’t ever be ashamed of what you’re doing with your life. Life is not a competition. Unless you self limit, you can make a greater difference in the lives of the young people you work with than I’ll make in a hundred lifetimes working with the world’s celebrities.” Finding the gold amid the dross of my present situation became the key to an important renewal. And it started by feeling proud of what I was doing.

If you're planning out your future, you're not likely to be satisfied with a series of jobs that merely keeps food on the table. Instead, turn your progression of jobs and assignments into a career that creates relationships, promotes learning, and makes a difference – all of which will send you tap-dancing to the office.


12. DIY
This stands for “Do It Yourself”. Thomas Edison did the same sh*t over and over until the light bulb.
Nobody likes the bad samaritan
This might involve trying to unhook a bra and reaching for a condom at the same time.
Come on, don’t be a sissy.
At least, don't be caught cheating.
When you say 9, be there by 7. Be a man of your words, don’t ever break a promise.
No single piece of clothing should be worn for more than 48 hours.
Meanwhile ditch your girlfriend to hangout with the boys, after all bros over chicks.
This long list of Dos and Don'ts was carefully chosen from various sources. The choice of strictly abiding by these rules solely rests on your intuition. But remember, you can always rely on the next man to be your own man, you'd have a lot to teach your grandchildren.
Reference: askmen.com

Primary Benefits Of Sunglasses

There are many reasons to wear sunglasses, and everyone has one of their own. Whether it is to mask a hangover, create mystery or escape the paparazzi, sunglasses are a part of everyday life. However, often the true benefits of this popular accessory are lost when fashion or other purposes take over. It may not be your only reason, but your best reason for sunglasses should be to protect your eyes.

Science has come a long way in correcting vision gone bad. Corneal transplants help a blind person see again. Laser treatment can restore your eyesight to 20/20 or better in mere minutes. Even with all this technology, wouldn't it be easier to take care of your eyes from the start? By simply wearing good sunglasses, you will reduce your need for these scientific breakthroughs later in life.

The sun creates ultraviolet light rays which contribute to the heat it produces. These rays, called UVA and UVB can cause irreparable damage to your retina and corneas. If you've ever watched an eclipse, you know you had to do so through a pinhole in a shoebox. This is because staring directly to the sun can cause great damage to your eyes. Unfortunately, many people are unknowingly allowing their eyes to suffer the same fate by simply choosing not to wear sunglasses.

Such disorders as cataracts, MACULAR DEGENERATION, and even skin cancer around the eyes can be signs of sun damage and can be prevented in part by the use of sunglasses. Cataracts are an eye condition that involves clouding of the lens behind the Iris and Pupil. Although no one truly knows what causes cataracts, studies have shown links between this condition and increased exposure to ultraviolet light. Though we do not know 100% that this is the cause, it has been determined that people who habitually wear sunglasses have seen a decreased incidence of this eye disorder.

MACULAR DEGENERATION causes those who suffer from it to have difficulty seeing in detail. Often even faces are hard for these people to distinguish. This disease, like cataracts, is most prevalent in elderly patients. However, also like cataracts, prolonged exposure to sunlight without the protection of sunglasses has been included as a probable cause. Individuals who practice care in selecting sunglasses with 99%-100% UV protection stand a greater chance at avoiding this fate.

Think about the last time that you spent all day in the sun and were really badly sunburned. You probably took cold baths and slathered yourself in Aloe Vera. It is a painful condition to be in when this happens to your skin. Now, imagine what that same sunlight that gave you second degree burns on your skin is doing to your eyes when you choose not to protect them with proper sunglasses. That alone should be motivation to hit the sunglass kiosk at TotalSpecs mall.

You don't often think of sunglasses as something that will protect your skin. In reality, a good pair of sunglasses can save your face in more ways than one. Increased exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and will attach the most sensitive areas first. How much more sensitive can you get then the skin around your eyes. Sunglasses can reduce the risk of skin cancer in the eyelids and areas around your eyes.

Another benefit your skin will enjoy from a good pair of sunglasses is a decreased appearance of lines around the eyes. Simply logic tells us that distorting the face in certain ways on a regular basis can cause premature wrinkles and increase the signs of aging. When you do not wear sunglasses, you tend to squint, as your eyes are uncomfortable being opened under bright light. Sunglasses can actually help reduce the appearance of crow's feet by allowing your facial muscles to remain relaxed.

Your eyes are one of your most valued features. Can you imagine waking up tomorrow and not being able to see? Many people are born blind and would give anything for the eyes you take for granted every day. A good pair of sunglasses will protect you against a world of eye disorders and pain. If you don't protect this valuable possession, before you know it, it could be gone.


Mrs. Pat. N. Obaseki
General Manager

TotalSpecs Limited


Over time it has become a norm for a man to ALWAYS be a man, regardless. This phenomenon goes beyond any man made theory. It is a synthesis of nature itself or to put more correctly, it is God’s design. He had firstly created Adam for a reason obviously; to be His image on earth. And also created the chain of “eco-nature” with Man at the peak of it. 
However, the society has for a long time undergone several phases of evolution, with the recent being the age of modernization. But despite this metamorphosis, not a single idea can upset the balance of nature: A man must always be a man.
In view of this, for a man to always be a man especially in this modern age, there are certain things every man MUST do or attempt to do in the least. Do these things and your self respect is forever secured, fail in these things and languish in self pity. Believe me these things are tough, and some of them emanated as a result of socio-cultural factors no doubt, remember nobody respects a weak man. Without much ado, here are 20 difficult things a man must do, you are warned.

In order to make ends meet, in order to keep afloat. Do this rather than asking for a loan always.
This is simpler than it’s imagined. Say it to a bro, say it to a chick. Do this after observing point 3.
Have you ever wondered why every artistic representation of a man is a muscular and ripped form?
This is unexplainable, but better experienced. Everyone has the right to love and be loved.
You might need to throw out some of your favorite brightly coloured T-shirts. Be regal in your looks.
I mean be sincere, not angry honest that leads to being perceived as evil.
Except you have one as your key holder
This involves putting pen to paper, don’t be too smart not to do that. Always have some cheese on you, at least a couple of Naira
10. CRY
Watch out for the concluding part.

Author: Deolu Laluwoye


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Average Cost of Vacationing in Dubai

Dubai is one of the greatest vacation destinations and
among the top choices of one and all looking to spend
their holidays, not only in a Middle East nation, but
around the world. Dubai Vacation Packages too, have
been selling like hot cakes, over the past years, and with
addition of latest attractions such as Burj Khalifa , Dubai
Waterfront and Palm Islands, Dubai can be the most
accommodating holiday destinations for tourists.
While the society's elite can expect a stay at the
luxurious seven-star hotels, Rolls Royce limousines, and
24-hour butler service, the rest of us can look forward
to a clean, comfortable room, and a nice hot meal, as
Dubai caters to both these categories of visitors.
However, practically speaking, with a little bit of
research and planning, you can live life King size during
your Dubai vacation, even if you are not a member of
high society.
Before embarking on your Dubai vacation trip, doing
some research and understanding your vacation's
potential, will reflect on how to go about planning your
trip. Although, it is easy to have a luxurious vacation by
all means, travelling within your budget will make the
vacation a more rewarding one.
Detailed here are ways to enjoy a vacation in Dubai on a
budget. However, to arrive at the best deal, you may
have to shop around for lowest prices, irrespective of
whether you plan to buy a vacation package or
purchase each element of your trip separately. A little
comparison shopping can help make most of your travel
budget and resources. Also, check online for great
discounts and look for special perks such as event
tickets with chosen travel plans. By looking out for low-
cost flights, affordable hotels, and cheap local
attractions, you can have fun without a break.
When booking your flight
There are several airlines to the UAE, including low-
budget airlines. Several international carriers too are
offering regular service to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Therefore, tourists can now look for low-cost flights
with affordable transportation, so as to take care of
their travel requirements during a vacation to Dubai.
The internet may be the best option to book a cheap
flight to Dubai . In case you plan to travel during mid-
week, you can save some money too.
When booking a hotel
Dubai has several luxurious and renowned hotels to
choose from, suiting all needs and budgets. There are
several affordable hotels too, that offer the best in
luxury and hospitality.
When booking a hotel for a cheap price, avoid luxury
names. The charges are competitive, and fees and
accommodation are high. Majority of the elite hotels are
located around Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road and
Jumeirah. Deira has hotels that are more affordable in
the category of three-star to four-star hotels. Bur Dubai
may also be a good option for budget conscious
travellers, as accommodation is less expensive. But, you
can still enjoy tiny swimming pools, plenty of clean
space, television, bathing rooms, and internet with basic
functions. Bur Dubai is also in proximity to shopping
For Dining
In comparison to several other cities across the world,
you can have a royal meal for less than you can
imagine, in Dubai. The local delicacy (seasoned meat
and vegetables on a pita dressing) will be available for
about 80 cents. The prices can be a little more, when it
comes to deluxe version ($1.30). Some budget
conscious restaurants to be pointed out are Karachi
Darbar ( a chain of Eastern restaurants scattered across
the city serving delicious food for minimal money), Jabal
Al Noor (another chain of Eastern chain restaurants
serving regional fast food), Toscana (Moderately priced
authentic Italian food), and Wafi Gourmet (impressive
Lebanese cuisine).
For activities in Dubai
The beach is always open to one and all, and Dubai has
one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, partly,
due to its pure white crushed seashell shoreline.
As for shopping, although shopping requires money,
Dubai is the best place to shop, given, its line of duty-
free shopping and bargains. Also, the souks are the best
place to find good deals, as you can haggle with
A Hot Air Balloon ride is an inexpensive way to spend
an afternoon, offering plenty of opportunities for photos.
Wild Wadi is an adventurous Water Park, and ideal way
for a family outing, and best way to beat the heat with
numerous rides and water surfing opportunities for day-
long enjoyment.
Dubai is also home to some of the best golf courses in
the world, the well-known Dubai Shopping Festivals that
offer visitors an opportunity to pick souvenirs and
fashionable clothing. Camel riding, art galleries, sand
skiing, bus tours, and entertainment parks are some
other points of interest.
Approximate cost of a vacation in Dubai
Mentioned here, are the average cost of vacationing in
Dubai. But, the total amount would entirely depend on
the accommodation and airline that you choose and
your duration of stay.
An airfare and four nights stay at the Grand Hyatt
Dubai, can amount to $1289 for each person.
The price packages fall in the range $3100 - $3700
depending on time and date of flight (for two people,
including food, flights and accommodation).
Making the best of Dubai
With a whole range of possibilities in Dubai, a vacation
to Dubai is sure to surpass any other, irrespective of
your budget, as it is sure to give you maximum
satisfaction at minimum cost.
There are several travel and leisure agencies available
to help you, and they can tell you the average cost of a
vacation in Dubai, for specific times during the year.
However, ensure that you are aware about all the laws
in Dubai, else, you could be at risk of getting arrested.
If you are opting for one of the escorted tours vacation
packages for a vacation to Dubai, they feature a
professional English-speaking tour manager to handle
your daily needs. In partially escorted tours, a part of
your vacation may be independent, while sight-seeing
tours are provided by professional English-speaking
guides. Such pre-built packages are also said to be an
economic means of travel, to help customize your trip
with alternate hotel accommodations and optional
sight-seeing tours .
With Dubai vacations offering a range of attractions to
explore the local culture, a Dubai trip will be a vacation
to remember.


"Ayo olopon" app now available on the Google Play store for android phones

Do you want to beat your friends anywhere in the world
in a game of Ayo? The game is available on the Google
play store for android phones. While playing with these
friends, you can also chat with them! How cool is that?
The free Ayo app on the Google Play store has been
designed to be interactive and engaging to create a
realistic gaming experience.
The awesome graphics coupled with a fluid user
interface are also a great addition to the game. There
are multiple modes you can play Ayo in. If you don’t
want to play a friend, you can play in one player mode
against the computer. Also, the app can automatically
match you up with other Ayo players around the world.
Never played Ayo before or are rusty? The step by step
demo in the game will get you going in a few minutes!
Whether you are an Ayo pro or just playing it for the
first time, you will definitely have fun with it.
Here’s the app on Google Play: https://
id=com.topsoft.ayofree .
For more information on Ayo follow@taytronik on
Facebook- www.facebook.com/taytronik
Website: www.taytronik.com


4 months old ASUU strike may be called off today

There are indications that the Academic Staff
Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria may end its
four-month old strike on Saturday, November 16.
About 120 chapters of the union have voted in
support of the decision to end the strike at their
various congresses held in their institutions.
However, the National Executive of the body has
not ratified the decision to end the strike.
A Pro-Chancellor of the University of Benin,
Senator Effiong Bob, urged ASUU to end the strike
in honour of Late Fetus Iyayi, a former president of
the union.
Senator Bob, who was at the residence of the late
professor pointed out that Late Iyayi died while
trying to resolve the issue.
“ASUU Should call of the strike so that both the
union members and students can come and give
him the last respect he deserves during his
funeral,” he said.
Late Iyayi died on Tuesday, November 12, in an
auto crash on his way to Kano for a meeting of
the union.
In a meeting with the leadership of the union,
President Goodluck Jonathan had agreed to
provide 1.1 trillion Naira (about 6.9 billion dollars)
in the next five years and the balance of 62 billion
Naira (about 390 million dollars) and allowance to
each university.
The union had embarked on a nationwide strike on
July 1 suspending all academic activities.


5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM

Rise and shine! Morning time just became your new
best friend. Love it or hate it, utilizing the morning
hours before work may be the key to a successful and
healthy lifestyle.
That’s right, early rising is a common trait found in
many CEOs, government officials, and other influential
people. Margaret Thatcher was up every day at 5 a.m.;
Frank Lloyd Wright at 4 am and Robert Iger, the CEO of
Disney wakes at 4:30am just to name a few. I know
what you’re thinking – you do your best work at night.
Not so fast. According to Inc. Magazine , morning people
have been found to be more proactive and more
productive. In addition, the health benefits for those with
a life before work go on and on. Let’s explore 5 of the
things successful people do before 8 am.

1. Exercise. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Most
people that work out daily, work out in the morning.
Whether it’s a morning yoga session or a trip to the
gym, exercising before work gives you a boost of energy
for the day and that deserved sense of accomplishment.
Anyone can tackle a pile of paperwork after 200 ab reps!
Morning workouts also eliminate the possibility of
flaking out on your cardio after a long day at work. Even
if you aren’t bright eyed and bushy tailed at the thought
of a 5 am jog, try waking up 15 minutes early for a
quick bedside set of pushups or stretching. It’ll help
wake up your body, and prep you for your day.
2. Map Out Your Day. Maximize your potential by
mapping out your schedule for the day, as well as your
goals and to dos. The morning is a good time for this
as it is often one of the only quiet times a person gets
throughout the day. The early hours foster easier
reflection that helps when prioritizing your activities.
They also allow for uninterrupted problem solving when
trying to fit everything into your timetable. While
scheduling, don’t forget about your mental health. Plan
a 10 minute break after that stressful meeting for a
quick walk around the block or a moment of meditation
at your desk. Trying to eat healthy? Schedule a small
window in the evening to pack a few nutritious snacks
to bring to work the next day.
3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast. We all know that rush out
the door with a cup of coffee and an empty stomach
feeling. You sit down at your desk, and you’re already
wondering how early that taco truck sets up camp
outside your office. No good. Take that extra time in the
morning to fuel your body for the tasks ahead of it. It
will help keep your mind on what’s at hand and not
your growling stomach. Not only is breakfast good for
your physical health, it is also a good time to connect
socially. Even five minutes of talking with your kids or
spouse while eating a quick bowl of oatmeal can boost
your spirits before heading out the door.
4. Visualization. These days we talk about our physical
health ad nauseam, but sometimes our mental health
gets overlooked. The morning is the perfect time to
spend some quiet time inside your mind meditating or
visualizing. Take a moment to visualize your day ahead
of you, focusing on the successes you will have. Even
just a minute of visualization and positive thinking can
help improve your mood and outlook on your work load
for the day.
5. Make Your Day Top Heavy. We all have that one item
on our to do list that we dread. It looms over you all
day (or week) until you finally suck it up and do it after
much procrastination. Here’s an easy tip to save
yourself the stress – do that least desirable task on
your list first. Instead of anticipating the unpleasantness
of it from first coffee through your lunch break, get it
out of the way. The morning is the time when you are
(generally) more well rested and your energy level is up.
Therefore, you are more well equipped to handle more
difficult projects. And look at it this way, your day will
get progressively easier , not the other way around. By
the time your work day is ending, you’re winding down
with easier to dos and heading into your free time more
relaxed. Success!

Inspiring Love Story.....Do not be too shy to let your feelings known.

10th grade
As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl
next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I
stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was
mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew
it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me
for the notes she had missed the day before and
handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me
a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to tell her, I want her
to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love
her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.
11th grade
The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She
was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her
love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over
because she didn't want to be alone, so I did. As I
sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes,
wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, one Drew
Barrymore movie, and three bags of chips, she
decided to go to sleep. She looked at me, said
"thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to
tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be
just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I
don't know why.
Senior year
The day before prom she walked to my locker. My
date is sick" she said; he's not going to go well, I
didn't have a date, and in 7th grade, we made a
promise that if neither of us had dates, we would go
together just as "best friends". So we did. Prom
night, after everything was over, I was standing at
her front door step. I stared at her as she smiled at
me and stared at me with her crystal eyes. I want her
to be mine, but she isn't think of me like that, and I
know it. Then she said "I had the best time, thanks!"
and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I
want her to know that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know
Graduation Day
A day passed, then a week, then a month. Before I
could blink, it was graduation day. I watched as her
perfect body floated like an angel up on stage to get
her diploma. I wanted her to be mine, but she didn't
notice me like that, and I knew it. Before everyone
went home, she came to me in her smock and hat,
and cried as I hugged her. Then she lifted her head
from my shoulder and said, "you're my best friend,
thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to
tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be
just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I
don't know why.
A Few Years Later
Now I sit in the pews of the church. That girl is
getting married now. I watched her say "I do" and
drive off to her new life, married to another man. I
wanted her to be mine, but she didn't see me like
that, and I knew it. But before she drove away, she
came to me and said "you came!". She said "thanks"
and kissed me on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want
her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I
love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.
Years passed, I looked down at the coffin of a girl
who used to be my "best friend". At the service, they
read a diary entry she had wrote in her high school
years. This is what it read: I stare at him wishing he
was mine, but he doesn't notice me like that, and I
know it. I want to tell him, I want him to know that I
don't want to be just friends, I love him but I'm just
too shy, and I don't know why. I wish he would tell
me he loved me! `I wish I did too...` I thought to my
self, and I cried.

Robber Sold Pasuma’s N9M Range Rover Sport For N950,000’

Kasali Adegoke, the leader of the armed robbery gang
that robbed popular fuji musician, Wasiu Alabi aka
Pasuma, of his 2006 Range Rover Sport, says he sold
the vehicle for N950,000.A search on the Internet by
Punch correspondent, however, suggested that used
version of the vehicle sells for N3.5m, while a new one
costs between N8m and N9m.
The 32-year-old, who is currently in detention at the
Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ogun State, said he sold
the car to a receiver at Cotonou.
He said, “I have a receiver at Cotonou who usually calls
to place orders for any type of vehicle that he wants.
Before we stole Pasuma’s car, my buyer had already
told me that he wanted a Range Rover Sport. We were
just on the lookout for possible victims when we noticed
Pasuma’s car.”
Although based in Ogun State, Adegoke said he usually
comes to Lagos to steal choice vehicles.
On the night Pasuma was robbed, Adegoke said he was
merely roaming the Ahamddiya area of Lagos along with
some members of his gang when the musician was
PUNCH Metro had on May 29 2013, reported that a
nine-man gang attacked the fuji artiste around 9pm,
while he was on his way to a show.
Pasuma, who was dispossessed of other valuables in
addition to his car, was said to have hidden his face
from the robbers while the ordeal lasted. He was
dumped in a bush near Ota, Ogun State after being
stripped down to his underwear.
Adegoke said, “While he was with us, we had no idea
that he was Pasuma. We did not recognise him. It was
the next day that we realised that it was Pasuma car
we snatched the previous night when the news was all
over town.
“By that time, the car was already in Cotonou. We drove
it that same night to a border town in Ogun State where
one of the receiver’s boys was waiting to drive it back
to Cotonu. We were paid N950,000.”
Despite a deformed left hand, Adegoke confessed to
having killed over seven policemen during his six-year
career as a robber.
The police added that his eight man gang had killed
over 20 people.
“I was badly burned as a baby; I was just 13 days old
when someone threw a burning material through the
window on my bed. By the time I was rescued, the left
side of my face and my left hand were badly burned.
“Despite the handicap, I was able to master the art of
shooting with an assault rifle. I would rest the gun on
the ground while I loaded it and would support it with
my deformed hand while I shot,” he said.
The Ogun State Commissioner of Police Mr. IKemefuna
Okoye, had last Monday, paraded Adegoke along with
three other suspects in Abeokuta.
Led by the SARS Officer-in-Charge, Mohammed Tijani,
Adegoke was reportedly arrested in the Obele area, a
border town between Nigeria and Benin Republic. He
was said to have been critically injured in a shoot out
with the police.
Adegoke reportedly led the SARS team to arrest other
members of his gang at their hideout in the Iju-Ishaga
area of Lagos State.
Okoye had said that the gang members had confessed
to killing the former South West Coordinator and Ogun
State Commander of the Vehicle Inspection Officer, Mr.
Yomi Bamgbose, in 2011, as well as the killing of five
policemen attached to the Quick Response Squad at the
Ijemo Agbadu and Mowe/Ibafo areas one year ago.
The gang was also said to have allegedly killed about
11 policemen in Kwara and Lagos states and were
responsible for the death of five policemen in the Imeko
area of Ogun State, in a bullion van attack in September
They were also said to be responsible for the killing of
four members of the Ogun State Vigilance Service and
three filling station attendants in Ifo last June.
Source Punch
Source >> http://naijapremium.com/breaking-news/480-

Nigerians To Experience Drop In Electricity Supply

Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN,
has.indicated that electricity generation in the
country will drop by 400megawatts beginning from
Monday through Saturday this week.
According to TCN, this will consequently lead to a
six-day nationwide power rationing.
The firm, in a statement, explained that the drop in
power generation would be as a result of
maintenance work on one of Shell Petroleum
Development Company’s gas plant.
TCN said: “There will be a reduction in generation
output by 400MW, from 4 Monday to.9 Saturday,
November, 2013.
“This is due to the SPDC’s scheduled maintenance
work on Okoloma gas plant supplying gas to Afam
VI power plant, thereby leading to the shutdown of
the power plant, resulting in nationwide power
TCN said the shutdown of Afam VI power
plant.became necessary to allow SPDC inspect
and.carry out routine maintenance work on the
Okoloma natural gas station in Afam, Rivers State,
to ensure its technical integrity.

Banker Stole N24m From Customers' Accounts (Ondo)

A female staff of an old generation bank in Ondo State,
southwest Nigeria, Alabi Joy Omotayo, 26, has been
arrested by the police at Onikan division, Ikoyi, Lagos
for allegedly withdrawing N24 million from the bank’s
customers’ accounts.
After investigation by Police Corporal Orifa Olugbenga
and his team, the suspect was arraigned before an
Igbosere Magistrates’ Court, Lagos on a five-count
charge of felony to wit, stealing.
The police alleged in charge No C/34/2013 that the
accused was arrested following a complaint by the
management of the bank’s headquarters in Lagos that
the accused, a customer service care officer at their
Ondo branch office, had stolen N24 million.
The bank further said that they discovered the fraud
when they audited their account.
During investigation, according to the police, they
discovered that Joy, a resident of 7, Mary Peter Street,
Itogbe, Ondo State, allegedly used computers to have
unauthorized access to her employer’s programmes,
data and electronic data of the customers’ records and
withdrew the sum of N10.5 million from account No.
3031456895 belonging to a customer of the bank.
Joy was also alleged to have on 10 June, 2013 and 8
July, 2013, withdrawn N4.5 million from account No.
2006365332, and N9.1 million from account No.
3023171579 without authorization.
The offences the accused committed, according to the
police prosecutor, Sgt Babatope Julius, are punishable
under sections 409, 389 and 285(7) of the criminal laws
of Lagos state, 2011.
Joy pleaded not guilty to the crime in the open court,
and the presiding Chief Magistrate, Mrs. F. O.
Aigbokhaevbo admitted her on bail in the sum of
N500,000 with two sureties in like sum. She adjourned
the matter till 15 November, 2013 for mention.
The defendant was, however, moved to Kirikiri Prison,
Apapa, Lagos, pending when she will fulfill the bail

Wizkid’s sweetheart, Tania Omotayo, involved in a near car accident on 3rd mainland bridge

Wizkid’s girlfriend, Tania Omotayo, was
involved in a near car accident on 3rd
mainland bridge today.
According to Tania, her car tyre bursted while
the car was on top speed.
They could have easily swerved off the bridge.

Movie marketers ban Mercy Johnson for charging N2m per role

There is an underground plans by the movie
marketers under the aegis of Film and Video
Producers and Marketers Association of
Nigeria, FVPMAN, to blacklist Mercy Johnson
Okojie,, in what they call, “ Withdrawing of
service from her.”
A highly placed source who disclosed this
latest move against the Actress to HVP, said,
the association decided to take this action,
following the ‘unbecoming attitude of the
actress as it affects her work.”

*Mercy Johnson According to our source, members of the association met last Monday, in Onitsha, Anambra State, to fine-tune plans to blacklist the actress who recently returned to Nollywood after months of being away in the United States, where she gave birth to her first child. Shedding more light on the reason for blacklisting the Actress, our source disclosed that the marketers accused Mercy Johnson of forming the habit of disappearing while on location after she has been paid for the job. She was also accused of given them difficult conditions. However, the source further hinted that the marketers have vowed to sanction any member who disregard the decision to blacklist the actress. He also revealed that the leadership of the association has advised its members to release all the films that Mercy Johnson featured in, on or before January, 2014. Meanwhile, efforts to contact Mercy to react to the allegations proved abortive as her cell- phone was permanently switched-off. Recall, however, that upon her return to Nollywood,Mercy was bombarded with several scripts from different marketers and producers who wanted to get her on their movies. Culled from Vanguard

Court sentences man to 12 strokes of whip for stealing fowl

A Minna Chief Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday sentenced one Abubakar Abdullahi to 12 strokes of the cane after pleading guilty to a charge of stealing a fowl. Magistrate Hassan Mohammed gave the accused an option of N5,000 fine. The police prosecutor, Sgt. Gunduma Ibrahim, had told the court that police men on patrol at Mobile Roundabout, Minna, arrested the convict with a fowl suspected to be stolen on Nov. 2. Ibrahim said the convict could not give a satisfactory account of how he got the animal, valued at N1,500. He said the offence was contrary to the Penal Code of Niger. When the charge was read to the convict, he pleaded guilty and begged the court for leniency. The prosecutor had urged the court to try him summarily in line the Criminal Procedure Code, based on his plea.

We can provide free education for our children if politicians no longer steal public funds – Governor Aliyu

Governor Muazu Babangida Aliyu of Niger State has stated that the education sector in Nigeria would witness improvement and provide favourable learning environment if politicians desist from stealing public funds. The governor stated this Wednesday while receiving executive members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Proprietors of Private Schools at the Conference Hall of Government House, Minna. According to him, the amount of money being stolen from public coffers by those in authority was enough to fund free education at all levels of education. “If we steal less, we should be able to give free education to our children at all levels”, Aliyu said. He added that it was unfortunate that the media is awash with billions of naira being stolen from public funds everyday. The governor added that, it was time that measures are put in place to tackle theft of public funds which leaves little money for development purposes that will benefit the masses. According to him, “we should be more committed to the fight against corruption” and declared that with the free education policy of Niger State, the state could attain 95 per cent literacy level in the next five years. “It is important we pay attention to education. It is nice that private schools are complementing the efforts of public schools, public schools should study why private schools are doing well, whereas schools owned by the government are not doing well”, he stated.

Men of God should stop praying for corrupt leaders – Cleric

Senior pastor, Shepherd Baptist Church,
Obanikoro, Lagos, Rev. Israel Kristilere, has
urged pastors to stop interceding for corrupt
According to the cleric, men of God should
focus their prayers on the growth of the nation
so that God could turn things around for the
good of all.
Kristilere, who gave this advice on Tuesday
while briefing journalists on his ‘just worship’
programme, which he said would come up
later this month, said it would be a praise
night for God to enthrone righteousness, and
progress in the nation.
He said, “Men of God should not be seen
hobnobbing with or praying for corrupt
leaders. It is high time men of God preached
the truth, and not for them to take money
from corrupt politicians to build gigantic
churches. Religious leaders should preach
“At present, we have so many messages that
are not leading people to righteousness but
they focus on prosperity and materialism. I am
not against prosperity, but I believe that
prosperity without righteousness is no
Kristilere, who also commented on the
proposed national conference initiated by
President Goodluck Jonathan, said he would
support the initiative, provided the dialogue
allows for all views.
He said, “There is nothing wrong with having
national dialogue. Dialogue is a way of solving
problems, even in marriage. But most of the
time, when the government calls for a
dialogue, it ends up being a monologue.
“But why is it now that 2015 is around the
corner, that suddenly we are having a national
dialogue? I will support this national dialogue
if the outcome will be subjected to the
National Assembly for final ratification.”

Eating fruits stops dandruff – Nutritionist

A nutritionist, Hajiya Jummai Hassan, said in Abuja that eating fruits regularly could stop and reduce dandruff. Hassan told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday that eating fruits for three days and applying baby oil could eradicate dandruff. Dandruff is a common chronic scalp condition marked by itching and flaking of the skin on scalp. Although dandruff is not contagious and is rarely serious, it can be embarrassing and sometimes difficult to treat. According to her, the formula is from new findings by researchers that eating vegetable for a period of three days only, reduces it. “For most teens and adults, dandruff symptoms are easy to spot – white, oily looking flakes of dead skin that dot hair and shoulders and an itchy, scaling scalp. “The condition may worsen during the dry season and harmattan, when indoor heating can contribute to dry skin and improve during the summer. ’’ She said a type of dandruff called cradle cap could affect babies, adding that the disorder, which caused a scaling, crusty scalp, was most common in newborns, but could occur anytime during infancy. “ Although it can be alarming for parents, cradle cap is not dangerous, it usually clears up on its own by the time a baby is a year old. ’’ She called on people to learn how to manage stress by eating healthy diet, shampooing hair regularly and getting a little sun to avoid getting dandruff. “The good news is that dandruff usually can be controlled. Mild cases of dandruff may need nothing more than daily shampooing with a gentle cleanser. ’’ NAN reports that apart from the fruit treatment, tea tree oil, alpha hydroxyl acids, zinc supplement and brewer’s yeast, help in treating dandruff. Dry skin, irritated skin, oily skin, not shampooing often, eczema, sensitivity to hair care products and a yeast-like fungus are part of the causes of dandruff. (NAN)

“Arsenal can win the Champions League” – Klopp

Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp, has said that Arsenal can go on to win the Champions League, if they avoid Bayern Munich. Klopp watched on as the Gunners defeated his team 1-0 at home on Wednesday, thanks to Aaron Ramsey’s second-half header and he is of the opinion they can go all the way. “Yes (Arsenal can win the Champions League). They are young, healthy and good technicians,” he said. “They won a clever game tonight and could go to the final and win it – as long as they don’t play against Bayern Munich.” Reflecting on the match, where they feel to convert their chances, Klopp explained: “We had 11 shots before they scored and sometimes it was like they were defending with four legs, but football is a game of results,” he said. This could be the gunners time to lift this trophy for the first time ever since 1905 ;)

Bricklayer divorces wife over failure to show receipt for child’s school fees

A bricklayer, Mr Gabriel Omode, has divorced
his wife for failing to show him receipts for
payment of school fees for their only child.
The plaintiff had approached an Ikole
Customary Court on Sept. 30, seeking
dissolution of his three-year-old union with his
wife, named Ruth.
He had told the court that Ruth had not been
giving him peace of mind through her
insubordination, lack of trust and constant
threat to his life.
Omode averred that he had been responsible
for the care and maintenance of the only child
of the marriage.
He said that he never failed to meet up
incessant demands for the child’s school fees.
“Ruth never deemed it fit to show me anything
as evidence of the payment of the fees.”
He, therefore, prayed the court to uphold his
request for dissolution of the marriage.
Omode assured that he would continue to
cater for the needs of the child, provided Ruth
showed evidence of payment of the child’s
school fees.
Ruth, however, denied the allegation, saying
that she never diverted her child’s school fees
on other things.
She also refuted the threat to life allegation
made by Omode, saying that the plaintiff was
always making night calls to another woman,
which she kicked against.
Ruth said that she had to pack out of her
matrimonial home when she could no longer
cope with the situation.
She did not object to the dissolution of the
marriage but pleaded that the court should
compel the plaintiff to take full responsibility
for the child’s maintenance.
In her judgment, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, dissolved the
union and ordered the plaintiff to pay five
thousand naira monthly for the upkeep of the
child .
She also directed Omode to henceforth, pay
the child’s school fees himself. (NAN)

3 Things We Learnt From Chelsea's Victory Against Schalke

Chelsea beat Schalke 3-0 for the second time in as many weeks in their Champions League clash last night, but here are three things we learnt from the game. 1) Chelsea strikers can score Before yesterday, the Blues front trio of Fernando Torres, Samuel Eto'o had scored just two goals between them, but the latter two took matters into their own hands against their Bundesliga opponents. Eto'o grabbed two goals, although the first in controversial circumstances, and Ba also got his name on the score-sheet. The two were in fine form and took their goals brilliantly, proving that they have goals in them somewhere. 2) Gary Cahill is probably the best partner for John Terry There has been talk about how David Luiz may be better suited to play next to the former England skipper, but last night's game proved that Cahill is the better defender to play alongside him, in my eyes. Cahill won all three of his tackles, made four clearances, two interceptions and even completed 96% of his passes. He was successful in 3/4 of his headers and looked assured throughout the tie. 3) Mikel is a midfield general Mikel has struggled somewhat this season in terms of getting a run of games, but when he is given the nod he takes his chances. The Nigerian completed 77/82 (94%) of his passes, made three clearances and won both of his take ons. I hope Mou has learnt and realised Mikel/Ramires, Terry/Cahill partnership is just the best right now.


Inspiring story! Pregnant at 18, best graduating student at 25

Found this amazing story on Punch. Read and be inspired Seven years after an unwanted pregnancy forced her to drop out of the University of Ilorin, Aishat Farooq emerges the best graduating student of the Bells University of Technology, Ota, Ogun State, reports Temitayo Famutimi When Aishat Farooq gained admission into the University of Ilorin at 15, to study Zoology, little did she know that she was not going to be an alumnus of the institution. That was in 2003. Despite the fact that she was a high flyer in her first two years in UNILORIN, the now 25- year-old indigene of Ilorin West-Local Government Area of Kwara State got distracted along the line. She played the campus love game and got a shocking result: she got pregnant. It was in 2006 and in her third year. She was pregnant for a fellow student whom she had been dating. She was disappointed in herself and thought the whole world was crashing on her. Yet, she vowed not to terminate the pregnancy. Although she wanted to continue her studies in the university, she became disillusioned and dropped out at 18. She sought consolation in trading. But her father, Mr. Shehu Farooq, who believed that his daughter’s academic prowess should not be wasted, was determined to get her back on the academic track. Today, Aishat has a different story to tell. On Saturday, she stood tall among her peers at the 5th convocation ceremony of Bells University, Ota, Ogun State, where she emerged the overall best graduating student with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.93. “The rebel in me won,” she declared while giving the valedictory address on behalf of the 208 graduating students of the university. “I hope my story will inspire at least one person to change his or her circumstance. I was pregnant at 18 and by 19 I was already a mother. I had disappointed my father who believed so much in me. He had such big dreams for me and feared the dreams would become unfulfilled,” she added. Breaking the news of the pregnancy to her father, who was at the time based in the northern part of the country, was not easy. Aishat’s mother, Fatima, who stayed in Lagos with the family, did not break the “sad news” to the man until the lady was almost due. The mum feared her husband would be too angry. Fatima narrated to our correspondent, “Looking back, we knew her to be very brilliant. But all of a sudden she got pregnant. Though her father and I were always discussing on the telephone, I hid it from him. Whenever he said he would be coming to Lagos to visit us, I would quickly chip it in that I would like to be the one to visit. So, I ensured I was the one always visiting him. “That was how I managed the situation until the pregnancy was eight months. But even when we broke the news to him, he felt really bad. Although there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t go out for three days.” Aishat studied Business Administration with specialisation in Human Resources Management, and received the Vice- Chancellor’s Prize for the Overall Best Graduating Student with a cash reward of N50,000 and a plaque. She also won the College of Management Sciences Prize and Department of Business Administration Prize for the Best Graduating Student. Speaking with our correspondent after she received the awards, Aishat, whose face beamed with smiles, expressed gratitude to her dad for not losing hope in her during her trying time. She noted that the popularly-held notion that the child that goes astray belongs to the mother, while the good ones belong to the father, was not applicable in her situation as her father did not give up on her. Asked why her dad had so much hoped in her, she stated that her history of academic excellence from childhood right to the university was a major driving force. Aishat, who attended Nazareth Nursery and Primary School, Lagos; Penny International College, Lagos and Model Secondary School, Maitama, Abuja, said she bagged several academic awards while growing up and noted that she secured admission to UNILORIN the same year she completed her secondary education. She noted, “I did exceptionally well and bagged awards in the schools I attended. I had the overall best result at the Senior Secondary School Certificate level at Model Secondary School, Maitama, Abuja. In fact in UNILORIN, I was on the first class grade in my first year but in 200 Level, I dropped to second class upper division because I had already started getting distracted by the boys. “It just happened that things turned out the way it did. But here I am, a product of God’s unending mercies, unconditional love and grace – all coupled with the faith my dad had in me and my fierce determination. “I’m a goal getter. I push myself hard. Even here (BELLSTECH) in spite of being a mother, I was pushing for the best despite the challenges. I wanted to make my dad proud again. Once you are determined, nothing is impossible. Nothing can stop you.” She said her decision to study Business Administration as against the sciences, which she was studying in UNILORIN, was informed by her two-year experience in the world of business after she dropped out of university. She explained that incessant strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, however, informed her decision to attend a private university. “Age was no longer on my side and I wanted to do it fast. And my dad could afford it because he was a businessman,” she added. Asked if she was involved in any relationship at the Bells, she explained that she was a popular “snob” on campus because the majority of male students were younger than her. Besides, she did not want to get distracted or disappoint her parents and herself again. Aishat, who has been posted to Lagos State to observe the mandatory National Youth Service Corps scheme, said, “If you ask around you will be told that I was a snob. My favourite spot was my room. I rarely went out of the room for social events. I went to mosque. However, when I contested for the president of my departmental association, Business Administration Students Association, the Nigerian system worked against me. “I lost to my male opponent. Although I had plans to take some giant strides if I won, especially in the academic aspect for my fellow students, the fact that I was not the type of person who hangs out worked against me. I didn’t have a social life.” She said she has no plans for marriage for now. She wants to pursue a master’s degree programme in Human Resources in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She added that she also plans to work in a corporate environment to garner experience and afterwards go back to the university to teach “as a way of giving back.” The second child in a family of eight children, Aishat brought her six-year-old son, Damilola, to the convocation. It was, however, learnt that the Edo State-born father of the boy has since got married to another woman. She noted that her major challenge on campus was the randomness of classes which denied her the opportunity of spending quality time with her son while her stay in the university lasted. “We had visiting professors who came into the campus at anytime. Although we had schedules, many of them had a bit of flexible time. Sometimes on Sunday when I took permission to visit my child in Lagos, my classmates would call me up on the phone that there was going to be a class. Because attendance is very important, I had to rush down. This affected me a little,” she added. Aishat’s father advised parents to give their children and wards the best of tutelage and close monitoring. He noted that he least expected the feat achieved by his daughter as he was at a time disturbed that “she could no longer make it.” Asked if it was lack of adequate monitoring that made Aishat go astray at UNILORIN, he said, “Let’s just say that is how God wants it. You see, 70 per cent of the fault is on us the parents. Parents should give their children good supervision and tutelage. With this, they cannot derail. I thank God for her because it’s is not easy to have raised her from grass to grace. “I screamed on the phone the day I learnt she was pregnant. I started asking questions: When, where and how. I burst into tears. But today, she is a new being. And I know the mistake will not repeat itself. My expectations for her are that she should fly higher and higher. P.S : I'm however, not advocating you get preggies at 18, you might not be this lucky....all I'm tryna say is, do not let unforeseen circumstances become a sorta set back or limitations to your progress in life, Determination and drive is the KEY.

Predicted Chelsea Team To Take On Schalke – Jose To Make Changes

Chelsea take on Schalke at Stamford Bridge
on Wednesday night looking to go one step
closer to securing qualification to the
knockout stages of the Champions League.The Blues are currently level on six points with tonight's opposition, with FC Basel just two points off the pace, so this is a crucial game in determining how Group E will shape up. Jose Mourinho will have to make do without the services of striker Fernando Torres after the Spaniard picked up an injury in training. Samuel Eto’o is expected to deputise up front with Demba Ba also pushing for a recall. Mourinho has confirmed he’ll make changes after Saturday’s disappointing 2-0 loss to Newcastle. Cesar Azpilicueta may come in at right back while Gary Cahill should come in for David Luiz at centre back. Mikel is also in-line to start while Willian and Andre Schurrle may get their chance to impress in attack at the expense of Oscar and Juan Mata. Here’s the line-up Mourinho may go with:

What do you think of our line-up? What team would you like to see play?

Young and Fellaini not the only villains in Manchester United's draw in Spain

The Premier League champions were held 0-0 in a disappointing draw against Real Sociedad on Tuesday night. Manchester United spurned an opportunity to put one foot in the knockout rounds of the Champions League on Tuesday night. The English side should have recorded victory over a lacklustre Real Sociedad side in Spain, but lacked the clinical edge to convert chances. Two main villains in the piece have been repeat offenders, with United fans given another opportunity to be frustrated with Ashley Young and Marouane Fellaini. Young was introduced as a second-half substitute, and looked lively from his berth on the wing. However, another questionable dive will have had the travelling support squirming in their seats. The England star’s conduct has been questioned both last season and already this term, with Young guilty of going down too easily under pressure. He has been booked for diving this season, and David Moyes has been vocal in his desire for his players to be honest. However, the slightest of touches allowed the ex-Aston Villa winger to hit the deck once more to win a penalty for his side. No-one wants a diver in their team, and another example of dishonesty opens Young up to further criticism. Fellaini was given an opportunity to boss the United midfielder in Michael Carrick’s absence, but was needlessly sent off in the clash. Prior to this he has shown some neat touches and predominantly kept possession, without threatening overly in the final third. However, his dismissal is another reason for Moyes and the United fans to be frustrated with the Belgian after an underwhelming start to life in Manchester. Although Young and Fellaini will be subject to abuse after the draw, a host of other United players are not exempt from the fans’ disappointment. Although it shouldn’t have been a penalty in the first place, Robin van Persie’s miss from the spot compounded a poor team performance. Javier Hernandez started the game and was guilty of missing a gilt-edged chance to win the game also. Finally, Wayne Rooney was uncharacteristically quiet, and United actually looked more of a threat when the England man was substituted. Both full-backs Patrice Evra and Chris Smalling will be disappointed with their delivery after finding space to cross, while Antonio Valencia was wasteful also. There are not many positives to be taken from the game, but one that stood out was Shinji Kagawa’s performance. The Japan international has spent the majority of the campaign looking on from the sidelines, but looked like a threat here. The ex-Borussia Dortmund man looked especially dangerous when moved into the number ten role following Rooney’s substitution, and his performance will encourage Moyes to use him more regularly than he has been so far this term. With in-form Arsenal to play at the weekend, United’s key players will need to improve if the side are to get a positive result at Old Trafford.

Chelsea Legend Appears To Be Rapidly Approaching His Sell-By Date

Can Chelsea continue to ‘carry’ 35-year-old
Frank Lampard?

Writing off Frank Lampard can be a dangerous game, and one that’s been played before. On previous occasions he’s managed to prove people wrong, but his performances so far this season have been particularly poor. Goals aren’t always the best way to judge a central midfielder, but Lampard is an exception; two from 19 is a pretty poor return for him, but crucially, the rest of his game has also dipped. If you were to judge Lampard’s football on pure numbers, he’s had a hugely successful career. He is Chelsea’s leading goalscorer with 205 goals, the highest scoring midfielder in Premier League history with 155, as well as chalking up the second highest number of assists with 94. You can’t take anything away from those achievements but there’s always been a bit of a question mark over the rest of his game. If you’re a winger or striker, the most important thing is the end product – goals and assists. That’s what you’re in the side for. For a central midfielder, these should be seen as a bonus. A midfielder’s main job is to control a game, and this is where Lampard often comes up short. For some reason, his goals and assists often means people gloss over his inability to control games. The same thing happens with Ryan Giggs when he plays in central midfield, while Raul Meireles was another who often contributed very little but popped up with key goals. In his prime Lampard was always helped by the 4-3-3 formation Chelsea employed, which played to his strengths – an incredible engine and great finishing ability. It didn’t matter if he wasn’t defensively strong or couldn’t dictate a game’s tempo, as he had Claude Makelele and Michael Ballack alongside him. He could focus purely on getting in and around the opposition penalty box. Another huge asset was having someone like Didier Drogba who could hold the ball up for Lampard, or take multiple defenders away with him. Over the last couple of years, Chelsea’s change of system and his ageing legs have meant he’s played deeper. He’s been given more defensive responsibility, asked to try and control the tempo of games, whilst still occasionally getting forward. To some extent he’s adapted, and was still able to contribute goals last season. But against top quality opposition, his weakness in this system gets found out. A prime example was the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich – until the penalty shoot-out, he was totally anonymous and part of the reason Bayern controlled the game. In last season’s FA Cup quarter final against Manchester United, Chelsea only started gaining a foothold after he was replaced by John Obi Mikel – the Nigerian’s greater defensive nous allowing Ramires to push on. Against Newcastle at the weekend, Lampard was again played in the double pivot. His pass completion rate was only 72% and he made a grand total of zero tackles – both are unforgiveable for someone playing in that role. He could quite easily have popped up with a crucial goal, been hailed a hero, and his performance would have been forgotten (by the media at least), but surely Jose Mourinho should now realise there are better options for that role. He is unlikely to feature against Schalke on Wednesday night and in Ramires and Mikel the Blues have players offering more energy and stability. They also have Oscar who has been tipped for that position – not only does he have a good defensive workrate which Mourinho loves, but his creativity could give Chelsea something they don’t have in the middle of the park. David Luiz is another option, although like Juan Mata, he doesn’t seem a Mourinho favourite. Somebody else who might want to consider a change is Roy Hodgson. Leaving Lampard out of the World Cup squad may seem unthinkable and would be a sad way to probably end his international career. But the 35-year-old basically plays the same deep-lying role as Steven Gerrard and Michael Carrick – and those two are far better equipped. There doesn’t seem any point in taking all three of them to Brazil, when a spot could be given to a different, more unpredictable type of player such as Ross Barkley or Ravel Morrison. Hodgson should also bear in mind that Lampard flopped at his two previous World Cups in 2006 and 2010 – not only were his performances poor, but even his trademark goals were missing. And to be honest, if Lampard isn’t scoring, he’s not offering anything others aren’t.


15-Yr-Old Virgin School Girl Brutally Gang-Raped To Coma In Lagos

A group of Four Hooligans lead by Oyedepo brutally
r*ped and abandon victim in pool of blood.
Police operatives in Lagos have arrested three persons
and declared one other wanted for allegedly gang r*ping
a girl to a state of coma. The young girl, simply
identified as Vivian, is battling with death in a private
hospital in Ikorodu area of the state.
It was gathered that the 15-year-old secondary school
girl had gone to collect lesson notes from her colleague,
Tabiola was alleged to have lured her to a place where
three others were waiting to devour her virginity.
A police source said that as soon as Tabiola walked in
with Vivian, the suspects locked her inside a room
where they forcefully stripped her naked.
According to the senior police officer, the girl was gang
raped and was abandoned unconscious in the pool of
her own blood.
The police officer, who gave the names of the three
suspects as Yusuf, Rasheed, Oyedepo said, “When it
dawned on the suspects that the girl was unconscious,
they abandoned her in the pool of her blood where she
would be seen and fled from the community. I believe
that the evil guys did not expect the girl to survive.
“Anyway, as the case is, it will take the grace of God
and good medical attention for the girl to survive and be
normal again. Her pelvic, according to doctor’s report,
has been so battered. She was badly injured and she
lost too much blood. More so, the girl was a virgin and
was forcefully deflowered. I feel for her because she is
so devastated and psychologically traumatised.”
Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO)
Ngozi Braide who confirmed the story told Crime Watch
that the victim is a Secondary school girl. “She was
lured to the place where she was gang r*ped by four
men. She is presently recuperating in a private hospital.
Her condition was very bad as she was abandoned
unconscious in the pool of her own blood.
“We have arrested three suspects and one other is still
at large but we have declared man hunt for the fleeing
She warned young girls to be wary of the male friends
they keep as friends as some of them may be worse
than beasts. “Don’t visit your male friends alone and
even when you go in company, don’t follow your male
friends inside the house or a secluded areas,” she