A Valentine's day Love poem from my baby (aka phemmyspresh) to me (phemmyisaac) I LOVE her die!!!!

Here it goes,
Feb. 14, 2013 
I've come this far
with love that's not far
your Love i now believe in
my love i'm ready to give in
the day  i met you
other "Femis" i met too
but u stood out
because love always stands out.

It wasn't love @ first sight
but thank God i didn't take flight
i even let you in
without staying @ an inn
i know love is beautiful
and makes the heart joyful
you showed me love
I would forever be grateful of love.

You have a listening ear
always ready to wipe my tears
love is very patient
can make two people patients
it brings smiles to faces
and makes others go places
the little time we've spent together
you have all the attributes i've prayed for
though not the looks i'm looking for (presh...i should break your head, fine boi like
but i love you anyway
'cos i know you're mine anyday
i could go on and on

and this love groove would always be on
for we are going to enjoy each day
like it's another valentine's day
i waited to tell you this before
but now i say therefore
                                "I LOVE YOU"
**sprays perf and seals it...*wink*

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