Facts About Women Who Are In Love

What I've noticed about women who are inlove :
•» They never believe in rumors about their partners cheating, even if it's true.
•» They will do everything in their power to protect their relationships, even if apologizing for what's right.
•» They are very jealous and as a boyfriend you should be thankful 'coz that shows she's very afraid of losing you(she believes in your relationship).
•» Sometimes they might sacrifice their friendship for that one person they love the most.
•» They hate it when you've got a female friends 'coz they know, "A shoulder to cry on becomes a Joystick to ride on".
•» They are real bad in faking their happiness and emotions, you'll notice very quick when they don't like something you've done.
•» They don't care about money but they care the most about the time you spend with them, if it was possible they would want to spend every minute with you.
•» They go around calling 'emselves bo "Mrs mang mang" without checking the time frame they've been in that relationship.

True or False?

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