Hilarious Letter To My Future Wife.

Dear Mrs Right,

If You’re Reading This It Simply Means We Are Having A Happy Married Life.:)

I Want You To Know that, I chose You out Of The Numerous Girls That Were Begging Me For Marrige.*Pops Colar*...lmao. Its Nt easy to be a fine, dark-skinned, fresh boy* *winks* For Me To Have Chosen You,You Must Have Possed So Many Of My Taste In A Woman.

Things Like Being Able To Endure When i Dont Have Enough.
Things Like Being Able To Understand Me, Evem More Than My Mum Does.
Ur Cooking Skill Must Have Driven Me Crazy and No Dull Moments Around You.
Ur Smile Must Have Given Me Hope Of Living and Faith For A Better Tommorrow.

Ur Face Must Have Been So Different That It Opened My Eyes To Ur Love.
I Must Have Taken You With Great Esteem and Believe In Ur Big Heart To Spend My Whole Life You.
You Must Have Been So Beautiful That I Culdnt Compare You With My Mum.
Ur Body Structure Must have Been Shaped As That Of A Coka-Cola Bottle.

Hence Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder.

You Must Have Cared For Me And Passed So Many Tests I Might Have Fowarded.
You Must Have Endured My Addiction and Get Used To My Relationships With The Opposite Sex (Well, i don't really relate much with them anyways) (.You Must Have Known What Gets Me Mad And How To Calm Down.

*NowPlaying (d-_-b) I Love My Baby By Wizkid* Yeah He Was A Popular Musician When I Was Still A Teenager. :)

#DearFutureWife I Promise To Love You All The Rest Of My Life Till Death Do Us Path.

#DearFutureWife I Promise To Fight For You,No Matter What.

#DearFutureWife If I Ever Lay My Hands On You To Hit You Let Ogun Strike Me Dead.

#DearFutureWife My Mother Will Not Have A Say In Our Family and Ur Decision Is My Decision.

#DearFutureWife My Love For Will Never Die,And I Hope U Will Love Me Just As I Do.

#DearFutureWife I Will Love You In Good And Bad Circumstances.

#DearFutureWife I Dont Care Who Is At Fault. *in Akons Voice*(He Was A Great R&B Singer) Put The Blame On Me.

#DearFutureWife You’l Always Be My Most Beautiful And My Sexiest.F*** Anybody Else.
#DearFutureWife I'll always Love YOu Just The waY U aRE.

I Promise To Be Responsble And and Care For You Even When You Take In.I Understand Its My Hand Work And am Gonna Take Responsibility For It.I Will Cook Ur Meal Wash Ur Cloths and Do The Dishes.I Will Bark You If You Feel Too Heavy To Walk.I Will Help You In The Morning Sickness And Early Vomitting.

I Dont Care If You Give Me Female Children,The Fault Is Obviously From My Side.All You Just Have To Do Is Stimulate Me To Produce More Dominant Y-Chromosomes So As To Over Power Ur Feminine Gene.*Dont Laff,....Its A Serious Case*

I Promise Not To Marry Anybody Else Cos Polygamy Is Evil and Love Doesn't Exist In It.#Gbam

When The Time Comes and U’re About To Deliver,I Will Share Ur Pain and Be With You All The While.All Because I LOVE YOU.

Our Kids Will Never Regret Being Born Into Out Family,and Ur Family Will Never Regret Giving You To Me.
I Know You Love Money., WHO doesn't aNyway, I'm currENTly building a plaTfOrm for a SuccessFUl, SwEEt, BLIssfUl fuTure, I hope U keep Assisting me In praYERS.

I Pray God Bless Me To Be Able To Satisfy You Finaicialy,Spiritualy,emotionally, and Particularly Sexually....lol

I Pray The Devil Doesnt Come Between Us and My Love Doesn't Fly Away Into Tin Air.

I Pray Our Love Will Not be Quenchable and The Devil Will Not Have His Way In Our Family.

I Pray Against The Spirt Of Cheating and I Bound It In Jesus Name. !!!


I Pledge My Love For You;

To Be Faithful,Loyal and Honest.

To Love You With All My Heart,

To Defend Our Unity and

Uphold Our Family Name And Glory.

So Help Me God.(AMEN)

NOTE: Even If You Stop Loving. I Will Love You To My Last Blood,Since I Married You.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Husband, Oluwafemi.

To The Future Mrs Fagboye.



Anonymous said...

Lmao, Femi is cray! Some funny shii, ur babe is one lucky chick.

aniftos said...

nice one,God help u