My Sweet Mom...Thank you.

My Mother,
A Virtous Woman..
A Woman Of Integrity and Pride,
A Woman That Doesn’t Comand Respect But Earns It.
A Woman That Believes In God and His Miracles. My Mother.

My Mother
The Woman Who Carried Me For 9 Months,
Thank You For Saving Me and Not Aborting Me.
The Woman Who Breast Fed Me For Almost A Year,
Thank You For Caring And Loving.

My Mother,
The Woman Who Sat And Watched My Infant Head.
The Woman Who Raised Me To Be The Man I Am Now.
The Woman That Corrected Me Anytime I Wear My Right Slippers On The Left Leg.
The Woman That Made Me Know The Difference Between My Right and Left Hand.
The Woman That Called Me Back When I Was Goin Astray.
The Woman That Showed Me The Way.My Mother.

My Mother,
The Woman That Woke Up Very Early To Make Me Breakfast and Dress Me Up For School.
The Woman That Puts A Smile On My Face Everyday By Giving Me The Wavers Biscuit and Caprisonne Drink To School Every Morning.
The Woman That Buys Yoghurts For Me When She Comes To Pick Me In School.
The Woman Who Helps Me With My Homeworks And Spanks Me When I’m Not Doin It Right.My Mother.

My Mother,

The Woman That Loves Dad So Much That I Get Jealous.

The Woman That Respects Dad And Does Her Reponsibility As A Wife.

The Woman That Keeps Smiling Even When She’s In Her Worst Mood. My Mother.

My Mother,

The Woman That Didn’t Spare The Rod So I Won’t Get Spoilt:

The Woman Who Parented Me and My 3 Siblings When Dad Left 10yrs Ago In Search For Greener Pastures.

The Woman That Is Faithful,Loyal and Honest To Her Family.

A Woman Of Hope and Faith. My Mother.

iRemember When I Stole Meat From The Pot and You Saw The Palm Oil Stain On My Collar and Made Me Confess.

You Made Me Beg For Death That Day.

iRemember When I Stole Milk From Ur Cupboard And You Caught Me and said I Must Finish The Whole Tin Of Milk.

Stayed With Me and Spanked Me With Pankere and Made Me Beg And Swore I Won’t Do It Anymore.

iRemember When My Grades Fell In JS2 and You Showed Me Way And Told Me. “Jay Jay This Is Not Ur Result,You Can More.” I Cant Forget Those Words.
iRemember when You Traveled To Meet Dad and I Plaited My Hair And Uploaded The Picture On Facebook.You & Dad Saw It and You Took The Next Flight Back To Nigeria.Scolded Me And Told Me How Bright My Future Is. *sobs*
iRemember When I Was Dating Debby and You Were Not Okay With It And Told Me I Have More Things To Do In Life That Dating Some Girl That Didn’t Add To My Success.
iRemeber When You Caught Me With A Girl In My Room and Sat Both of Us Down, Preached To Us About Pre-Marital Sex and Embarrassed Me In Her Presence. Damn.!! I Cant Forget This. I Wanted The Ground To Just Open Its Mouth and Swallow Me.
You Might Be Harsh Sometimes and I’ll Fink Of You So Stupidly But The Fact That You’re Still My Mother Is Constant.
iRemeber So Many Things Mum.. I Just Cant List Everytin.. Smh
My Mother,

If I Ever Dated You And Told You. ” You Are The Best Thing That Happened To Me” Sorry iLied. Nobody Can Take My Mums Place.

I Cannot Imagine Life Without You Mum.

Ur Love and Care For Me Is Uncomprehendable and Uncomparable.

I Cannot Pay You Back Everytin You did For Me,Still Doin For Me and Still Gonna Do For Me.

No Matter How Hard I Try.My Mother..

I Wanna Say Thank You To What You’ve Shaped Me Into. Am Not Old Enough Neither Have I Achieved Enough To Say Thank You But At This Stage Of My Life,Am Grateful.

My Mother I Love You, and Will Never Stop Loving You. Xoxo

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