Persistence is key to Success...

There was once a man who felt discouraged.

Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) was around the corner...
and he took stock of the resolutions he made last year
Nothing in his life had changed.
He was the same person, with the same flaws and problems.
He began to lose hope.
So he went to speak to his Rabbi (Master being Jewish).
The Rabbi asked:
"Do you know how long it takes for the giant bamboo to grow as tall as a building?"

"During the first year, the tiny plant is watered and fertilized...
...and nothing happens.
It is watered and fertilized for another whole year...
... and another...
... and another...
... and still nothing happens...

Then in the fifth year...
it shoots up to the sky!
In six weeks the bamboo grows 90 feet...
So how long does it take for it to grow so high?"

"Six weeks," the man replied.

"That's your mistake.
It takes FIVE years...
If the farmer would have stopped watering the plant at any point during those five years,
it would have died.

What was happening during all those years?

Underneath the ground,
an enormous network of roots was developed to support the bamboo's sudden growth.
Growth takes patience and perseverance.
Every drop of water makes a difference;
every step you take makes an impact.

You may not see the change right away,
but growth is happening.
With commitment and drive to attain your goals,

and with God's help you'll eventually break through and reach great heights."

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