Poke me

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 How slow time passes by when you are in pains, I guess its life’s own subtle way of mockery
I have been sitting here, staring at my BLACKBERRY all day trying to come to term that you could leave without saying goodbye
I have been going through your TIMELINE waiting for a new TWEET
Poring over your FACEBOOK page hoping you would upload your status so i can at least know WHATS ON YOUR MIND ?
But alas your mind is somewhere else, I keep asking where and I’m yet to get an answer
Where is that place you have gone to where there are no computers & internet
connections ?

Where is that place you have gone to where you can’t TWEET so i can know what you are
up to ?
When are you going to like the video of you & i that i just uploaded on YOUTUBE ?
I keep waking up to hear you call my name. And then i ask, they say I’m hearing voices. Is that true ?
How can you be gone and yet i am here laughing over your TWITPICS ?
How can you be gone when you promised you ll help me achieve my dreams ?
Is it possible to be young, full of strength and vigor and still get bitten by death?
I want to think this is all a joke but the emptiness i feel within says otherwise

I need you more than ever and even these fresh memories can’t fill this deep vacuum
Your pictures and videos only make me want to hold you
I want to smack you so you will chase me round and round like you always do
Just maybe
If we keep running
Death wont be able to catch you until we get to a place where i wont have to cry whenever i think about you
A place where i wont have to tell anyone you are no more

How could death betray such youth ?
I will pick out your diary
One by one, i will write out your plans, your dreams and your visions.
I will place it instead of flowers beside your grave so that death will feel ashamed when ìt
sees the youth and glory it hurriedly hustled out of this arena called life
I miss you so

It sucks that i cant call you when next i go to the Cinema
It hurts to write on your WALL and not get a reply
It hurts to see people RETWEET you, not knowing you are gone
I miss u so much i want to challenge you again on PES 12
I even need your help to get through my final project
I just poked you now and i am going to bed.
If you truly care, you feel my pains and
you see my tears

Poke me in return and let me know you are safe wherever you are
Poke my ribs if you cant poke my wall
Poke me in my dreams
Poke me anywhere you want
i wont argue and i wont fight
I promise i wont poke you in return
Just please poke me one more time
I love you my friend, Tweep, brother, poker and everything else you are but never got the chance to be.

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