Another Plane Crash Averted In Abuja

Another air disaster was averted at the Nnamdi Azikwe
Airport, Abuja on Monday as a Med-View Airlines
aircraft from Lagos suddenly took to the air again at the
point of landing in Abuja.
The pilot told the passengers that he took to the air
again to avoid a collision with another aircraft on the
The airline Flight VL2104 took off from the Murtala
Muhammed Airport, Lagos at noon and was scheduled
to land in Abuja at about 1.05pm.
The pilot had already announced final descent into
Abuja and asked all passengers and cabin crew to
fasten their seat belts but the pilot suddenly took off to
the air again with barely 30 seconds to touch ground.
The plane had 150 passengers on board. A
correspondent of The PUNCH was one of the
After about three minutes of gaining altitude, the pilot
announced that he decided to take off again to avoid
colliding with an aircraft that was on ground.
He said that after he had been granted clearance to
land, it was later discovered that the other aircraft was
not fast enough, hence his decision to take off.
The aircraft hovered for another 20 minutes in the air
before finally landing at about 1.30pm.
While the drama lasted, the passengers were panic-
stricken, especially when the plane entered into
turbulent weather on air.
The PUNCH correspondent said that among the
passengers were five different complete families.
One of the passengers, a nursing mother, who was
breastfeeding her son at the time the pilot took off
again reportedly withdrew the bosom from the boy’s
mouth and started praying profusely while the baby’s
cry rented the air.
When the plane finally landed, the passengers struggled
to disembark.
“Are you still sitting down? Let me rush down in case it
will suddenly take off again,” a middle-aged man was
heard teasing one of his co-passengers.
The incident came less than a month after an Embraer
aircraft operated by Associated Airlines with registration
number SCD 361, conveying the corpse of a former
Governor of Ondo State, Chief Olusegun Agagu, from
Lagos to Akure for burial, crashed on October 3 shortly
after take-off at Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos.
Thirteen passengers in the crashed plane were killed,
including a commissioner in Ondo State, Deji Falae.

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