I wish my dad didn't go into politics : Agagu's daughter.

The first daughter of the late former governor
of Ondo State Olusegun Agagu, Mrs Solape
Hammond gave an interview to The Nation at
the Agagu’s residence in Ibadan.
Mrs Hammond said No member of the family
wanted the patriarchs to go into politics but it
was difficult to stop her father since he had a
passion for the well being of his people.
She said her father never sought publicity, his
activities brought him into limelight,
particularly his geological surveys as a lecturer
in the University of Ibadan.
That they was a time her mother used to cook
for over 30 people daily, stressing that ther
was never less than 10 people in the house at
any point in time.
She said Children of the family’s friends living
abroad and extended family were living in their
She said her Father the Late former Governor
taught in three different universities at the
time because of his passion for working and
caring for others. Despite his several
engagements, she went on to describe her
father as a devoted family man, who always
created time for his family.
According to her “He was a great man, an
inspiration to many and a selfless worker who
was passionate about his country and people.
He loved his country and his people and he
sought to do good everyday.”
Speaking on what she wished her father should
have done indifferently. “I wish he did not go
into politics because we were very private
people. But he was passionate about. We are
getting a a lot of Accolades but it was not like
that at the time. That is something I wish he
did not go through”.
Mrs Hammond described the loss of their
privacy as the sacrifice the family made for
their patriarch. She wished her father lived
longer, so she could return his love.
Olusegun Agagu passed away on the 13th of
Sept. 2013
May his soul RIP

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what a pity and a said story.