Ladies : Signs he's not the one for you

Saw this and decided to share 10 Signs that he's the wrong guy for you:
He'd rather be with the guys.
There's nothing wrong with a little man-cave time,
but when he drops his romantic plans with you to
play beer pong with the guys, it might be a good
sign to move on.
He calls other women first to share
good news.
If his mom, boss and former math teacher are on
speed dial but you're not, this is a billboard-sized
sign. If you're not ranking by now, there is a good
chance you never will.
He blows off
Don't get too worked
up if your guy doesn't
see the importance of
your five-month
anniversary; no one's
perfect. A significant
date (like your
birthday), however, should be a no brainer.
You don't get an invite.
If you're rarely his date to the big events, like a
cousin's wedding or an awards banquet where he's
being honored, he's not taking the relationship very
He mentions the ex, and more than
It may not be extremely obvious, but frequent
mentions of his ex-girlfriend could mean he hasn't
let go. That can mean you're just filling in for now.
You don't have the same outlook on
You want to travel, but he loves being a homebody.
You want kids, while he'd rather act like a kid. The
future you each envision is important when deciding
the fate of your relationship. Do you really want to
look back and consider your time wasted?
His cute, quirky habits are starting to
grate on your nerves.
If his leaving the toilet seat up, not washing the
dishes for days and poor table manners are starting
to annoy you more than nails on a chalkboard, heed
the warning sign -- and don't expect him to erase
those behaviors away time soon. Believe us: He will
not change. No matter what he says, you've got to
love him for who he is right now, or it's probably not
going to work.
He has a bad track record.
As the saying goes, history repeats itself. Even
though he seems dedicated to you, Facebooking
with past hot and heavy flames and flirting with the
waitress could be signs he's not interested in
settling down.
The relationship is all about sex.
Of course, people say and believe sex in a relationship is good, but it
shouldn't be the sole form of entertainment. If
spending quality time outside of the bedroom with
you doesn't interest him, you should lose interest in
Look beyond the chemistry.
Minus his good looks and hot bod, would you still
want to be with him? If your answer is "no," well,
that's a really good sign he's probably not the one.

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