Showbiz : Rihanna: Smoking hot, uber-cool and so ‘misunderstood’ in latest Glamour.

It’s not just pretty pictures. The 25-year-
old star provides some insight into how she
sees herself as an artist. Asked if she’s
misunderstood, Rihanna says: 'I know I am.
That’s why it’s important for me to know
who I am.
From the cover of Glamour, Rihanna stares
intently with a hint of I-dare-you.
Long hair, short hair, red hair or black. It
doesn’t seem to matter. Rihanna makes any ’do
look good, as she proves once again on the
fierce cover of the November issue of Glamour
An intense stare that seems to be playful with
a hint of I-dare-you is perfectly in keeping
with the Barbadian singer’s wild-child image.
And she doesn’t do anything to hurt that
perception by posing in these all-the-way-up-
to-there outfits for the inside spread.

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