What you should know as a black man before going to AMERICA.

He's been in America for almost 14 years and this is what he has to say about prospective immigrants who have, maybe decided to dispose off all they have worked for here in Nigeria in search of the so called 'greener pastures' informed lest you make the wrong move.
You see,
America had been my residence for almost 14
years. I remember when I was coming to
America in the late 90s, friends in Europe
warned me not to go but I stubbornly did not
listen because I was carried away by what I
saw on MTV and BET. When I arrived in the
USA, my eye come clear. America is nothing
like what she portrays herself to be. Infact,
America brings out the worst in people
oftentimes. You see people asking their family
relatives to pay rent even though said family
relative(s) is/are unemployed. You see some
Nigerians calling immigration on their fellow
Nigerians who have not yet sorted out their
immigration palaver. You see some Nigerians
spending the whole paycheck of their fellow
family member who had just migrated to
America and had just started working.
Most Americans live from paycheck to
paycheck. Debt is a huge issue. Most
Americans have mortgage loans, car loans,
student loans, credit card debts, infact, 'gbese'
all the way. Without credit cards, most
Americans cannot survive. The American
society is largely a debt-driven society. They
encourage you to get into debt so that you can
have a credit history. Without a credit history,
you can't do much in America.
The racism is something else in America as
well. You walk into a store and the whites
think you want to steal. Sometimes they stalk
you. The average american will harass you
because of your accent, your African name,
and threat you like crap once they find out
that you come from a 3rd world country or
from Africa. In America, you have nice
neighborhoods and then you have the run
down, crime-ridden neighborhoods which you
find mostly in the inner cities. Many
neighborhoods that have mostly black people
and Latino residents in them are poverty-
stricken but not all of course. Many
neighborhoods are racially segregated
especially in New York city.
Overall, America is just there. I truly believe
that there are other more tolerant advanced
societies an African immigrant can live a good
life in. One just has to search. However, as for
me, USA just ain't it. Yes, you have constant
electricity, water, fast internet access, good
universities and the likes. But, the average
American will always remind you that you are
not part of them no matter how long you
reside in the USA and that is the gospel truth.
I know some Nigerians will come on this thread
and start defending America like their roots lie
in that country or like that lives depended on
it. However, I believe in telling it as it is. Many
Nigerians love lying anyway so that they can
keep boosting to their relatives in Nigeria and
making themselves feel relevant. The truth
however must be told so that people who wish
to migrate to USA can make an informed
decision. Shalom!

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