Average Cost of Vacationing in Dubai

Dubai is one of the greatest vacation destinations and
among the top choices of one and all looking to spend
their holidays, not only in a Middle East nation, but
around the world. Dubai Vacation Packages too, have
been selling like hot cakes, over the past years, and with
addition of latest attractions such as Burj Khalifa , Dubai
Waterfront and Palm Islands, Dubai can be the most
accommodating holiday destinations for tourists.
While the society's elite can expect a stay at the
luxurious seven-star hotels, Rolls Royce limousines, and
24-hour butler service, the rest of us can look forward
to a clean, comfortable room, and a nice hot meal, as
Dubai caters to both these categories of visitors.
However, practically speaking, with a little bit of
research and planning, you can live life King size during
your Dubai vacation, even if you are not a member of
high society.
Before embarking on your Dubai vacation trip, doing
some research and understanding your vacation's
potential, will reflect on how to go about planning your
trip. Although, it is easy to have a luxurious vacation by
all means, travelling within your budget will make the
vacation a more rewarding one.
Detailed here are ways to enjoy a vacation in Dubai on a
budget. However, to arrive at the best deal, you may
have to shop around for lowest prices, irrespective of
whether you plan to buy a vacation package or
purchase each element of your trip separately. A little
comparison shopping can help make most of your travel
budget and resources. Also, check online for great
discounts and look for special perks such as event
tickets with chosen travel plans. By looking out for low-
cost flights, affordable hotels, and cheap local
attractions, you can have fun without a break.
When booking your flight
There are several airlines to the UAE, including low-
budget airlines. Several international carriers too are
offering regular service to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Therefore, tourists can now look for low-cost flights
with affordable transportation, so as to take care of
their travel requirements during a vacation to Dubai.
The internet may be the best option to book a cheap
flight to Dubai . In case you plan to travel during mid-
week, you can save some money too.
When booking a hotel
Dubai has several luxurious and renowned hotels to
choose from, suiting all needs and budgets. There are
several affordable hotels too, that offer the best in
luxury and hospitality.
When booking a hotel for a cheap price, avoid luxury
names. The charges are competitive, and fees and
accommodation are high. Majority of the elite hotels are
located around Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road and
Jumeirah. Deira has hotels that are more affordable in
the category of three-star to four-star hotels. Bur Dubai
may also be a good option for budget conscious
travellers, as accommodation is less expensive. But, you
can still enjoy tiny swimming pools, plenty of clean
space, television, bathing rooms, and internet with basic
functions. Bur Dubai is also in proximity to shopping
For Dining
In comparison to several other cities across the world,
you can have a royal meal for less than you can
imagine, in Dubai. The local delicacy (seasoned meat
and vegetables on a pita dressing) will be available for
about 80 cents. The prices can be a little more, when it
comes to deluxe version ($1.30). Some budget
conscious restaurants to be pointed out are Karachi
Darbar ( a chain of Eastern restaurants scattered across
the city serving delicious food for minimal money), Jabal
Al Noor (another chain of Eastern chain restaurants
serving regional fast food), Toscana (Moderately priced
authentic Italian food), and Wafi Gourmet (impressive
Lebanese cuisine).
For activities in Dubai
The beach is always open to one and all, and Dubai has
one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, partly,
due to its pure white crushed seashell shoreline.
As for shopping, although shopping requires money,
Dubai is the best place to shop, given, its line of duty-
free shopping and bargains. Also, the souks are the best
place to find good deals, as you can haggle with
A Hot Air Balloon ride is an inexpensive way to spend
an afternoon, offering plenty of opportunities for photos.
Wild Wadi is an adventurous Water Park, and ideal way
for a family outing, and best way to beat the heat with
numerous rides and water surfing opportunities for day-
long enjoyment.
Dubai is also home to some of the best golf courses in
the world, the well-known Dubai Shopping Festivals that
offer visitors an opportunity to pick souvenirs and
fashionable clothing. Camel riding, art galleries, sand
skiing, bus tours, and entertainment parks are some
other points of interest.
Approximate cost of a vacation in Dubai
Mentioned here, are the average cost of vacationing in
Dubai. But, the total amount would entirely depend on
the accommodation and airline that you choose and
your duration of stay.
An airfare and four nights stay at the Grand Hyatt
Dubai, can amount to $1289 for each person.
The price packages fall in the range $3100 - $3700
depending on time and date of flight (for two people,
including food, flights and accommodation).
Making the best of Dubai
With a whole range of possibilities in Dubai, a vacation
to Dubai is sure to surpass any other, irrespective of
your budget, as it is sure to give you maximum
satisfaction at minimum cost.
There are several travel and leisure agencies available
to help you, and they can tell you the average cost of a
vacation in Dubai, for specific times during the year.
However, ensure that you are aware about all the laws
in Dubai, else, you could be at risk of getting arrested.
If you are opting for one of the escorted tours vacation
packages for a vacation to Dubai, they feature a
professional English-speaking tour manager to handle
your daily needs. In partially escorted tours, a part of
your vacation may be independent, while sight-seeing
tours are provided by professional English-speaking
guides. Such pre-built packages are also said to be an
economic means of travel, to help customize your trip
with alternate hotel accommodations and optional
sight-seeing tours .
With Dubai vacations offering a range of attractions to
explore the local culture, a Dubai trip will be a vacation
to remember.

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