Justin Bieber Instagrams Cute Pic Snuggling Brother

This is why we love him! While most 19- year-olds in the world were causing havoc on Halloween, Oct. 31, Justin was reminiscing about spending some quality time with his adorable brother, Jaxon. Justin Bieber performs sold out shows across the world, parties in swanky nightclubs, and dates stunning celebrities like Selena Gomez, but at heart he’s really just a family man . He showed his fans who really has his heart on Oct. 31, tweeting a touching picture of he and his three-year-old brother enjoying some one- on-one time. So cute! Justin Bieber Snuggles With Jaxon Justin steals our hearts every time he sings, but he really got us this time when he tweeted on Halloween: This is love — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) November 1, 2013 The pic that went along with the tweet showed Justin and his brother Jaxon goofing around and maybe even having a tickle fight. The sibling photo is cute enough, but paired with Justin’s heart-warming tweet, it’s just incredible.

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